Fun No-Card Drinking Games to Spruce Up Your House Party

House parties can be a really fun experience, especially if you know how to generate fun yourself. There is a long list of games that can provide you fun moments and still make you drunk too. Drinking games as they are, give players the joy of getting drunk in a whole fun manner with friends and not simply for the intention of competing with each other. To learn more about fun drinking games without cards, follow the link. This article focuses on the type of games that do not necessarily require the use of cards just so that you can play.

The basic idea behind the Power Hour game is just drinking. There are no any special rules. With no rules attached to it, a player is only required to drink a shot of beer in every minute of an hour. It seems like quite an easy undertaking but in reality it is not the case. After an hour has lapsed, the total beer shot consumption should add up to sixty.

Another fun drinking game is the Edward Forty Hands. All that is needed to make it a success playing this game is a duct tape and two players with two 40's of beer in their possession. Each player is wrapped with a beer in their hands in a way that they cannot be able to escape the trap until the very moment when the beer when bottle is completely consumed. The best information about drinking games is available when you click the link of the website. It is not until when the game is done with that players are freed to the bathroom, receive calls and continue other activities. This is just to make people have a lot to drink and have fun.

Another yet fun drinking game is the Flip, Sip, or Strip. The game commences when a player flips a coin into the air. While the coin is still up, the player is meant to call out the words 'head' or 'tail'. While it is still up, you are supposed to call out the names 'head' or 'tail' and if the coin comes back and your guess is right, you move the coin to your right hand. In any case they are wrong in guess work, then they are supposed to change it to their left hand. If not, you shift it to the left and choose between stripping off an item of your clothing or taking a shot of beer.

The Quarters game has 3-6 players sitting around a table. The first player of the game is picked by way of spinning a quarter on the table. The game then begins when it points at a person with its nose. The Aim of the shooter, all this time will focus on bouncing the quarter from the table to the glass. Read more about drinking games by following the link If it goes into the glass, then the shooter points at a person at the table to drink a debatable amount of alcohol. If this does not happen, then the game moves to the next phase with another player.